Custom Stickers Printing

Stickers play a vital role in creating brand identity for businesses and much more often these days they are utilised being a low priced – high effectiveness marketing device. There was a time when custom stickers printing were quite expensive as a result of the long process of printing. Today by making use of digital printing options, the stickers printing are becoming a quick and effective mode of advertising.
There are different kinds of custom stickers printing solutions you can find. Companies like Mediapoint concentrate on providing custom sticker solutions that won’t only create a unique brand identity for your business but also help in boosting the overall growth. If your company is located in Australia so you wish to expand inside the Australian market then while using the stickers is smart.

There are various forms of custom stickers available in the Australian market and some of these include:
1. Customer stickers which can be printed onto a UV-resistant vinyl
2. Custom stickers which are waterproof and go longer at the same time. The stickers which are vinyl based are water repellent as compared to the paper-based stickers. These stickers is likewise more water repellent compared to label stickers.
3. Custom stickers you can use indoors and also outdoors. Many companies utilize stickers at indoor facilities like places, conferences etc. Outdoor location might be sets from bus stops to candy stores.
There are several salient points or advantages of using custom stickers printing only one from the critical sides is that you may have multiple selections for proofing your custom stickers. The best thing is that you will be able to proof your stickers before each goes into print especially if the job is color-critical. There are several printing companies in Australia that may give you free press proofs before the production run begins. So when you have the free press proofs, you’ll be able to change certain areas such as creative art or the text copy for the sticker.
One of the salient points of digital printing or custom stickers printing is always that there aren’t any plates necessary for printing as compared to the traditional “flexo” printing. In order to check or proof your stickers, you can even use electronic PDFs because they’re faster and will save time. There are lots of sizes designed for printing custom stickers. Some of the most widely used sizes include 2” x 3.5″, 2″ x 4″, 3″ x 3″, 3″ x 4″, 3″ x 7″ or you can simply choose a size in accordance with your requirement. The most common paper employed for stickers include the 70lb label matte or the 70lb glossy (UV). You can have a 4-color front with logo, text and also images.
All you need to do is submit the artwork along with your stickers will be printed since it is and in multi-colors within almost no time. You’ll be able to reduce time as well as money especially if you are opting bulk printing.
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